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*Note: You can use this on win10 but I'd suggest getting UHD (64 bit only) for it to work as reliably as possible  Mr. Speaker, your honour, I am pleased to recognize that member for Macleod, who, despite being in a recess, is talking about budgets. I am sure he would be pleased to recognize that I have been in the federal House for 12 years. I have spent, I think, 3,600 hours there over those 12 years, and I have my parliamentary pension. I look forward to the next three years. At this point, I would like to recognize the hon. member for Guelph, who is standing to speak. The Liberals want to make it harder for federal scientists to talk about the science they do. Ottawa rejects 98 percent of all applications for international science funding. In fact, the federal government has applied for money to help states transition away from coal-fired power generation. Yet, under the Liberal government, the government is cutting funding to save money. In 2009, the federal government's science budget was $3.2 billion. That's a 17.5 percent cut since 2006. That's a cut of $584.6 million. Canada is losing ground in science. In 2007, 21 of 28 countries surveyed had increased their levels of investment in science. The United States ranked highest, followed by Germany and then Canada. It was a far cry from when Canada's science funding was second to none in the world. As I have often said, Canadian taxpayers already pay too much for science. We can't afford for the Liberals to cut science and roll back progress. Federal scientists talk to international partners and to the media about their research. Recently, scientists at the Fisheries and Oceans Canada lab in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, were featured in the New York Times. Why? Because they are engaged in research into a problem in Newfoundland and Labrador: the cod fishery. The scientists want to understand how the fishing industry can improve their recovery programs. That's what federal scientists do. They work to help people with their fisheries. I hope the members on this side of the House recognize the importance of Canadian science and its impact on our people and our environment.Completely? My 14-year-old daughter has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. We don’t want to rule out any side effects or triggers




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Dirt 2 Crack Only Download [2022-Latest]

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